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OSSGROW® is a medically approved personalised Bone Cell Therapy for the treatment of Avascular Necrosis, a painful bone disease.


Bone remodelling is an active and dynamic process that relies on the correct balance between bone resorption by osteoclasts and bone deposition by osteoblasts. When this equilibrium gets disturbed, the bone mass gets compromised leading to several bone diseases.

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What is Avascular Necrosis (AVN)?

Avascular (lacking blood supply) Necrosis (death) is the death of bone tissue due to reduced or lack of blood supply. The incapacitated and hollow bone is unable to bear the body weight and eventually collapses.

Patients with AVN experience loss of mobility, become disabled and are forced to live a compromised life.

As per global estimates, more than 1 million people are affected with AVN each year.

AVN is also known as Osteonecrosis, Aseptic Necrosis, or Ischemic bone necrosis.

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Grades of AVN

The hip joint is the most commonly affected joint with AVN. The hip joint is made up of the femoral head (the ball) and the acetabulum (the socket).

AVN progresses rapidly and leads to complete joint destruction within 2 years upon diagnosis (X-ray & MRI).

Diagnosed with AVN? Share your reports here

It’s very important to get a permanent solution to AVN before it reaches the untreatable stage

Diagnosed with AVN? Share your reports here

Over the last several decades, clinicians across the globe have been unsuccessful in coming up with a permanent or long lasting solution to AVN.

This leaves the affected young population vulnerable to untimely hip replacement surgeries. New treatment modalities including biological products are on the rise.

Regrow® is pioneering its cutting edge research to bring an effective and durable solution for AVN.

Do you think you have AVN?

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Regrow® with OSSGROW®

OSSGROW® is a cell-based biological product made up of patients' own bone cells called osteoblasts, which are responsible for a new bone formation.


Is OSSGROW® safe?

Phase 3 clinical trials have been conducted to assess the safety and efficacy of bone cell therapy in patients with Avascular Necrosis.

  • Safety and Efficacy end points were met with statistically significant differences in pain and activity of the patients before and after treatment.
  • Radiological Improvement was also observed in all patients with new bone formation with all patients reporting new bone formation.
  • OSSGROW® is licensed and approved by the DCGI, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

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Patented Technology

Licensed by DCGI (CDSCO)

Made in India

Manufacturing in GMP lab


More than 3500 patients have preserved their hips!


96% patients are able to engage in physical activities like walking, running, jogging, gym training and cycling


OSSGROW® has transformed the lives of AVN patients by eliminating pain and increasing happiness. Most importantly, it has helped patients to continue with their ACTIVE LIFESTYLE.

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Avascular Necrosis is the localized death of bone tissue due to interruption of blood supply as a result of injury/trauma or alcohol abuse or long-term use of steroids. This results in cellular imbalance of new bone formation and resorption that ultimately leads to bone death and collapse of the hip joint.

Osteoblasts are the major cellular component of bone tissue. Osteoblasts are bone-forming cells that comprise most of the bone matrix and regenerate new bone. In treating AVN, substitute the dead bone with newly formed bone tissue.

Cell therapy is curative treatment option for AVN that addressed the root cause of the disease. Osteoblast implantation helps to normalize natural bone remodeling process by forming healthy bone tissue.

In AVN, the cellular remodeling process of the bone is disturbed. Injected osteoblasts transform into mature bone tissue. New bone formation restores the cellular balance in the bone.

With the help of OSSGROW® treatment, the necrotic site of the bone is treated; it helps to regenerate tissue lost due to degenerative bone disease (avascular necrosis). OSSGROW® therapy can help regenerate all types of bone tissue lost due to degenerative bone disease.

The bone formed with OSSGROW® therapy slowly restores the structure and function of the hip joint, and you can perform daily physical activities such as exercise and sports after treatment.

Conditions that involve the death/deformity of bone cells such as AVN require treatment through bone cell therapy.

OSSGROW® is a bone-forming cell therapy option for curative treatment of early stages (up to Stage 3) of AVN. If the hip has collapsed or the necrotic zone is more than 50% of the hip joint, the outcomes are variable. However, patients with Stage 1 & 2 AVN have slightly better clinical outcomes.

Bone Cell Therapy is an Indian FDA and DCGI approved biologic and personalized drug, thus completely safe for administration into humans for clinical use. The product has been tested through successful completion of clinical trials in India.

As OSSGROW® is an autologous (patient’s own cell) cell therapy product, no risk can be associated with it, such as GVHD (Graft vs. host disease), Graft rejection, and chances of infection. Thus OSSGROW® is a completely safe cell therapy product.

In the clinical trial, no minor/ major product-related side effects were observed.

OSSGROW® is an autologous, totally safe, and clinically tested cell therapy product. There are no product-related adverse events observed during the clinical study.

There is no need to take any other medicine after OSSGROW® therapy. However, some people might experience pain, bruising or redness at the site of injection. Such effects of the injection are addressed by over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Yes, upon detailed analysis and screening by the orthopedic surgeon, the patient may undergo Bone Cell Therapy (OSSGROW®).

Yes, Bone Cell Therapy (OSSGROW®) is performed at all major private, government and state hospitals across all cities in India.

Hip Replacement is the process of replacing your original hip joint with an artificial implant (metal in most cases), whereas Bone Cell Therapy (OSSGROW®) is a completely natural and safe procedure which involves the implantation of the patient’s own bone cells.

The success of Ossgrow bone cell therapy in early and mid-stages of AVN is extremely high in almost all the patients with cure of disease, new bone formation and pain free life.

Depending on patient to patient, one can start light weight bearing activities/movement within 1-3 weeks post operatively.

Yes, within 6-12 weeks one can return to all regular functional activities and exercises. Sports activities can be initiated at 12-24 weeks post-treatment depending upon your surgeon’s advice.

With the help of a proper rehabilitation programme, the patient will be able to walk with support within 1-3 weeks.

With the help of a proper rehabilitation programme, the patient will be able to walk without support within 3-6 weeks.

Yes, you can perform daily tasks such as household/office work/walk/sports after the OSSGROW® treatment.

With the help of a proper rehabilitation programme, the patient will be able to start cycling from the 12th week onwards.

For the cost of Bone Cell Therapy (OSSGROW®), please contact Regrow Biosciences® at 1800-209-0309 or put in an inquiry on our website ( or Facebook page. Bone Cell Therapy (OSSGROW®) is covered under the cashless and reimbursement schemes for all major Private/Government and State Health Insurance Schemes.

To find a surgeon in your area, please contact Regrow Biosciences® at 1800-209-0309 or put in an inquiry on our website ( or Facebook page.

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